Retro hour: Maxi skirts are back

Seventies-inspired styles are turning heads again this season, writes Shilpi Madan.
Last Updated : 07 October 2023, 03:41 IST
Last Updated : 07 October 2023, 03:41 IST

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Flattering and feminine, 70s-inspired maxi skirts are making a comeback. Celebrities from Selena Gomez to Heidi Klum have been spotted wearing the trend. While Selena wore a denim maxi with a plunging halter neck corset in August, Heidi Klum opted for a black leather number, which she paired with a scoop neck bralette.

Lace and tiers

Several variations of the 70s staple are popular now, such as flowing bohemian styles, lace trims and tiers in light cotton. “Full-length denim skirts with front slits are also trending,” says Meghna Goyal, founder of Summer Somewhere.

It is not only about wearing these skirts in a contemporary way, but also about complementing them with unexpected elements. For instance, wearing a low waist maxi skirt with trainers gives it an easy, laid-back vibe. “Pleats and ruffles can add to the playfulness of the skirt,” she explains.  

Wraparounds and high-waisted styles have made a comeback too. “Wraps are popular for their blend of comfort and style while high-waisted styles with cinched waists serve to accentuate the hourglass shape,” says fashion designer Sakshma Shetty.

The maxi skirt’s length flatters all body types. Sakshma says, “They are incredibly versatile and require minimal styling. The drape maxi skirt and the twist knot skirt with a high slit are finding many takers currently.” She has seamlessly integrated these trends into her latest collection, where maxi skirts work as formal evening wear.

Prints are in

“The 70s vibe is represented through bold floral and paisley prints. Additionally, button-down fronts and tiered ruffles are key details that capture the retro spirit,” says designer Reema Anand. 

The use of natural fabrics like cotton and linen enhances comfort while maintaining a breezy elegance. “Pairing these skirts with a simple top and sandals or boots is ideal,” adds Reema.

Texture is key

Commenting on the trend, designer Anshika Lakhmani, designer and founder of Ré Nao, says that the textural quality of tiered and ruffled maxi skirts is appealing. 

Maxi skirts are being considered an elegant, modest, and practical alternative, especially while transitioning into the colder season. “Keep in mind your height and body shape, while choosing one. The right fit and length can accentuate your best features,” says Meghna.

Apart from cotton, people are also opting for lightweight fabrics. “Tulle and organza are perfect for layering and creating ethereal, romantic looks,” says Anshika. Satin fabrics work for both daywear and evening wear, and embroidery and sequins will add to their visual appeal, she adds. 

Quick tips

Solid colours are versatile and easy to mix and match.

Bold patterns or prints make a statement.

Ensure the colour and pattern align with the top.

Select the right length according to your height.

Pay attention to where the skirt’s waistband sits – an incorrect waistline can make the midsection look disproportionate.

Ensure the garment sits comfortably on your waist and hips and allows for ease of movement.

Avoid heavy, stiff fabrics that can be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

Pick the right accessories 

Flat footwear works beautifully with maxi lengths.

Avoid going overboard with accessories.

Published 07 October 2023, 03:41 IST

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