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Smart kitchen gadgets and AI are revolutionising the way we cook and experience food, writes Anjali Kochhar
Last Updated : 06 July 2024, 20:54 IST

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In today’s fast-paced world, the kitchen serves as the heart of the home — a space where families come together to prepare and enjoy meals and where culinary creativity flourishes. With the rapid advancement of technology, smart kitchen gadgets and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionising the way we cook, offering innovative solutions to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and elevate the overall cooking experience.

How smart are smart gadgets?

Smart kitchen gadgets represent the marriage of traditional appliances with cutting-edge technology, designed to make cooking easier, faster, and more precise. These gadgets encompass a wide range of devices, from smart refrigerators and coffee makers to weighing scales and storage containers, each offering unique features to simplify and enhance various aspects of food preparation.

Sanandan Sudhir, founder & CEO of On2Cook India Pvt. Ltd., poignantly articulates the transformative potential of these devices, noting that, “On2Cook is engineered to completely transform the way any kitchen functions, replacing age-old cooking systems with AI-based combination cooking technology.”

DelishUp integrates a state-of-the-art AI system crafted by upliance.ai, seamlessly blending intelligence into cooking. AI scrutinises key cooking elements like temperature, weight, and blade speed through real-time data streaming, ensuring precise culinary outcomes. This setup simplifies intricate cooking procedures into intuitive buttons, empowering users to effortlessly craft a diverse array of dishes. DelishUp can revolutionise conventional cooking techniques, delivering a streamlined, efficient, and tailored culinary journey,” explain Mehak Mody and Mohit Sharma, the founders of DelishUp.

These gadgets encompass a diverse range of functionalities, from automated roti makers to smart coffee and espresso machines.

By seamlessly integrating advanced features like automated cooking, remote monitoring, and intuitive controls, smart kitchen gadgets empower users to streamline their culinary endeavours while enhancing the overall cooking experience.

Exploring the advantages

The advantages of smart kitchen gadgets extend far beyond mere convenience, encompassing realms of safety, efficiency, and culinary ingenuity.

Chef Pushkaran Bedi emphasises the pivotal role of AI in revolutionising culinary operations, stating that “AI can alter the food production process by reducing human error, enhancing safety standards, automating processes, and improving product quality.” These gadgets not only enhance the cooking experience but also contribute to improved maintenance and safety standards. By providing alerts and remote control capabilities, they facilitate timely maintenance, thereby prolonging the lifespan of appliances and ensuring optimal performance. Moreover, smart kitchen gadgets promote energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Some must-have smart kitchen gadgets

From ingenious refrigerators equipped with state-of-the-art cameras to automated roti makers, the market brims with an array of innovative gadgets designed to cater to every culinary whim. Aryan Malik, Commissary Chef at Lemon Tree Hotel, extols the virtues of AI-powered appliances that seamlessly integrate AI into the culinary realm, offering unparalleled precision and personalised cooking experiences.

These gadgets revolutionise the way we approach meal preparation, allowing users to effortlessly create gourmet dishes with minimal effort, he adds.

With features like automated recipes, moisture control, and automated stirring, they empower both novice cooks and seasoned chefs to unleash their creativity and explore new culinary horizons.

Navigating challenges 

“AI is currently in its infancy for restaurants, at least in India but it would nevertheless be interesting to integrate it into restaurants. While we haven’t yet experienced AI cooking firsthand, we anticipate its transformative impact on the culinary and hospitality industries and believe that AI cooking holds tremendous promise for cutting costs, reducing errors, enhancing guest services, and attracting new clientele.

As the culinary landscape evolves, AI cooking will undoubtedly become a cornerstone of restaurant operations, revolutionising the way we cook and serve food,” says head chef Sanika Shetty of Mumbai’s Ferry Wharf Seafood Restaurant. These challenges include data acquisition, real-time processing, and contextual understanding, all of which require sophisticated algorithms and rigorous testing.

However, through perseverance and ingenuity, innovators continue to push the boundaries of culinary technology, paving the way for a future where cooking is as effortless as it is enjoyable.

The path to innovation

While AI cooking remains in its nascent stage, Sanika believes there’s plenty of transformative potential that can be tapped into. With its capacity to minimise costs, mitigate errors, and enhance guest experiences, AI promises to revolutionise the culinary landscape for restaurants and home kitchens alike. Sanika adds, “AI at this point is a buzzword for restaurants but in the future, it will be of prime importance.”

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise the food production process, enhancing efficiency and safety standards while reducing human error. However, amidst the rise of AI in the kitchen, let us not forget the irreplaceable touch of human skill and creativity, essential for delivering a personalised dining experience that truly delights guests,’’ explains Pushkaran Bedi, senior chef at Lemon Tree Aerocity, New Delhi.

With smart kitchens and AI cooking leading the way, the possibilities are truly endless, promising a future where culinary excellence knows no bounds.

Published 06 July 2024, 20:54 IST

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