Ditch red this Valentine’s Day

Ditch red this Valentine’s Day

Here are four colors to wear this Valentine's Day that aren't red

Grey is not only classy and elegant, but also very minimalistic.

The season of romance has arrived and we know you are super thrilled to plan your Valentine’s Day. Since V-day falls on a weekday this year, it is essential to plan your outfit in accordance with your work routine. While shades of red and white are commonly worn on this day, we suggest you swap them with the trendiest colours of the year. Experts predict that the fashion world will be dominated by pastels and solids this year. Keeping this in mind, we suggest the following colours that you can wear this Valentine’s Day:

Pastel pink: An outfit in pastel pink will not only give you an elegant appearance but will also add an unexpected pop to your look. It is not only easy to carry but is also suitable for any occasion, be it a casual lunch or a fancy dinner. Irrespective of your age and skin tone, you can don a pastel pink outfit with utter ease.

Grey: Any shade of grey is meant to make a statement on your special date. Grey is not only classy and elegant, but also very minimalistic. It gives you an effortless look that is sure to turn heads around. Be it a long dress, midi or a short one, the colour is easy to carry and can be worn on any occasion.

Powder blue: Synonymous to class and grace, an outfit in powder blue colour can elevate your look from casual to party-ready within moments. Wear it with flats and a simple watch to work and maybe switch to heels and big earrings after office to visit a pub or an elite restaurant for your special date. In a powder blue dress, you can keep it casual or go for luxury fashion at any time of the day.

Burgundy: Going for a dark colour like burgundy is an easy choice for a dinner date. If you do not want to go too far from the shades of red this Valentine’s, burgundy is your colour. Setting you a class apart, a shade like this portrays the modern woman in the workplace and after hours. Making you distinctive in the crowd, a burgundy dress is not a piece only for millennials, but for women across age groups. Unleashing your inner fashionista, a burgundy dress can set you free in the oceanic waves of the fashion world.

(Courtesy: Raisin)