A gem of a twist

A gem of a twist

A little imagination can work creative miracles with pieces that are too small, fragile, or damaged to be worn, writes Megha Malik


Jewellery is a big investment for anyone and thus, buying it again and again is sometimes not a feasible option. Here are a few secret DIY ideas that can give your existing jewellery a spin and also make it look refreshingly stylish.

Re-imagine an old piece. A little imagination can work creative miracles with pieces that are too small, fragile, or damaged to be worn. A dainty diamond watch, now likely too small for the wrist, was attached to the gold cuff on the left. A vintage diamond brooch became a show-piece again in the gold cuff on the right. If you are also someone who prefers wearing fine jewellery understanding the unmatchable shine and look of a real jewel piece compared to custom jewellery pieces, then these tips will help you save a few bucks while setting new fashion goals at your parties. Rethinking how the jewellery piece is worn is probably the easiest heirloom reinvention there is.

Wear it in a new way

Wrap a chunky choker around your wrist tied from two ends with easily available transparent jewellery elastic. It will look like a multi-layer attached bangle set. Or if you wish to keep it loose and give it a look of a bracelet, then you can loosely tie it around the wrist and let the sound of the pearls/hangings do the talking.

Brooch or hair accessory

Consider using a brooch as a hair ornament for a messy French bun or a fish tail hairdo. It will look amazing with any ethnic wear making you look trendy.

Earrings found on collars

Big diamond studs with metal designs pinned either singly like a bow or in pairs on the collars will add that charm to your solid colour upper garment making it look apt.

Broken necklace or studs

Turn a larger piece of jewellery into several smaller ones. The gems in a broken statement necklace can become earrings. You can just go to your jeweller and ask them to add pearl hangings to it and here you are, with your pearls drops donning the chic look.

Wedding band or twinning neck-piece

Twinning with your loved ones is what is hot this season and if you wish to have any such this season, then just take your finger band to your jeweller, cut it into two halves, and get it into two delicate chains to match it up with your hubby or BFF.

Just change the studs

Re-purpose the gemstones in your old favourite statement piece to give it a new look. If the jewellery is damaged, or if its original setting is not worth saving, you might consider removing the gems and mounting them in a new piece of your own design. You can create something that will become a heirloom piece for future generations.

Share the bond

If you have got an old piece which is a heirloom piece, you can divide the gemstones of the broken piece among siblings and other loved ones, so everyone can share the memories, and create their own heirlooms. Make it fresh and wearable again. Sometimes, all a piece of heirloom jewellery needs is a “tune up”. Take your vintage or antique treasure to a jeweller and if she is a true designer she will help you find a way to have a new one at almost no cost attached.

(The author is owner, RESA Fine Jewellery)

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