For a flawless you...

For a flawless you...

To look flawless, here's a list of trending beauty treatments for you...

Many people are increasingly taking to permanent make-up today

Beauty is in imperfections, but who says one can’t look perfect with no flaws? Thankfully, there are several beauty treatments that can help you look your best and keep your skin healthy, too. Here’s a list of trending beauty treatments that you can try out:

• Vampire facial: Vampire facial is trending currently in the beauty world. It’s targeted at rejuvenating and brightening one’s skin. Dermatologists prepare the growth factors from the client’s blood and then inject or apply it on the face. This helps in lightening one’s skin tone. It can also reduce your scars and are a great party fix.

• Vitamin facial: Vitamin facials are also popular right now. This facial is aimed at creatin glowing skin wherein Vitamin C, glutathione, and newer agents like tranexamic acid are used to lighten and brighten the skin with no downtime.

• Laser lightening: Another trending treatment is laser lightening with a clear lift facial for open pores, lines, wrinkles and also whitening and brightening. You can also go in for CACI facial which is a non-surgical facelift with instant results. Here, micro currents are used to stimulate and lift the skin without causing any irritation. After this, various serums and solutions are used to moisturise the skin; this treatment works beautifully for skin blemishes.

• Facelift: We have seen a lot of couples over 40 coming for facelifting with silhouette lift soft threading, radiofrequency facials and even jawline contouring. Creating a pouty lip, under-eye filling, dark circle touch-up with fillers are also preferred treatments.

• Botox: For a quick fix, botox can be undertaken as it smoothens all the lines and wrinkles on your face. Simple skin polishing or exfoliation is for those who want to even out their skin tone and improve the texture of their skin. In such a treament, aluminium oxide crystals are used to target the imperfections.

• Permanent make-up: Increasingly, the urge to look presentable and sensational is taking over people’s minds.  Imagine putting on make-up that doesn’t streak or run while at the pool, beach, gym, or even the dance floor. Looking the same even on the worst of days is definitely possible with the advent of permanent make-up. The procedure is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos as a means of producing designs that resemble make-up, such as eyebrows. Before committing to permanent make-up, patients should be aware of the potential problems such as the permanent nature of the procedure and many other complications. A good consultation session can help you to decide the best course available for treating a certain condition or enhancing a certain feature.

Apart from all this, other trending treatments include lip enhancement, cheek enhancement, full lip colour, scar camouflage, pigmentation, hair imitation, and more.

(The author is dermatologist, founder member, Skin & You Clinic, Mumbai)

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