Bend it not to age it

Bend it not to age it

A combinationn of cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal exercises can help increase one's lifespan, suggests Dr Nilesh Makvana


Think ageing and what comes to mind is increasing wrinkles, dark spots, the skin losing its firmness and many such signs. However, these are mere visible signs of ageing. Often people forget that ageing is more of an internal process and is not restricted to physical beauty.

A few exercises can help strengthen muscles and the entire body eventually leading to a healthy and longer life.

Cardiopulmonary fitness

Engaging in cardiopulmonary activities keeps the heart and lungs active. The heart is the primary part of the body which provides blood to other body parts. If one keeps a constant check on their cardiopulmonary fitness they can possibly reduce the rapid ageing process of their body. Irrespective of one being 25 or 45 years old, they can set a cardiopulmonary fitness regime to strengthen their internal system. Walking, jogging, cycling, and running are considered to be the best exercises for cardiopulmonary fitness.


This one is related to the muscles and joints of the body. People often experience problems while standing up from a sitting position, or to sit while they have been standing for long or even while climbing stairs, etc. Squats, long extensions, lunges and raising the calf muscles are a few exercises which help to strengthen muscles and joints. These strength building activities pump the muscles which eventually start absorbing the calcium required for the bones and the bones remain strong. However, people tend to believe the myth that heavy exercises after a particular age lead to wear and tear of muscles and end up in injury. But, the fact is that if you take regular strength training from experts you are likely to develop good muscle, bone, and joint strength. And, this strength keeps you away from pain.

Digestive system

The digestive system is yet another important system of the human body. As people age, they experience indigestion problems for which they are recommended to eat less spicy food. People are recommended to eat smaller and lighter meals.

However, if one practises in the right form of cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal exercises they are less likely to experience indigestion or any problems in the digestive system. These exercises help improve peristalsis which makes it easier for one to digest food and hence keep the digestive system functioning properly.

(The author is senior
consultant, HEAL Institute)


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