It’s time to suit up!

It’s time to suit up!

The first impression is the last impression’, goes the age-old adage. If there is something that will facilitate you in creating a long-lasting impression, it is undoubtedly a well-fitted suit. Admittedly, bespoke tailored suits have always been one of the most sought-after styling choices and the go-to formal attire for men. Personalised couture is a seamless process through which a couturier designs a perfect garment not just for the body frame but to accentuate his persona, outlook and aesthetic appeal. One of the powers of a finely customised suit is that it breathes in confidence, and transforms an individual’s state of mind.

Most gentlemen forget how appearances judge them while donning a well-made suit. Here is a set of golden rules that will ensure you will never go wrong with your look.

Get the fabric right

While you decide to pick a suit, it is always advisable to opt for canvased suits as opposed to bond. This is because the natural fibres in half or full canvas are more breathable and will effortlessly return to their original state when they get wet. A bonded suit, which is usually glued will go creased and crisp as time passes by. The choice becomes difficult. For summers, men should opt for cotton and linen suits, while tweed, cashmere or merino should be reserved for the winters.

Know your suit

When it comes to donning a suit, always make sure you are wearing a full suit. Pairing a suit jacket with formal pants is alright, but it is better to pick a well-tailored full suit for the suave look. 

Game of lengths

A crucial factor you should consider while wearing a suit is that your jacket’s skirt totally shelters your seat. Short-length jackets sometimes kill the entire look, while a full-length jacket with a nip at the waist brightens almost all frames. Also, the sleeves of your formal shirt complementing the suit should not peek out more than a centimetre from underneath the cuff of your jacket. If there is too much of an opening, this will surely make the sleeve of your jacket appear way too short, thus tampering with the formal look. 

While you focus on perfecting your suit, needless to say, your jacket also demands equal attention. Gauging the jacket length is a tricky affair, the measurement should always be half of your total body proportion. This will ensure that your seat is always covered. Nothing stops you from opting a shorter one, but mind that your jacket’s back always falls under your seat.

Art of buttoning

An intriguing thought is to button or unbutton your suit. For those wearing a two-button jacket, the rule is to always have the bottom button open. In case of a three-button jacket, it is advisable to pin the middle button.

Perfect pair

The reigning rule in the contemporary fashion domain is the flat front trouser with no cuffs. However, the more sophisticated way to sport a pair of trousers is to be pleated with a cuff.

Doesn’t have to be black

When it comes to suits, black seems to be an undisputed option. But, today, there are myriad colours on offer that seem to dominate a man’s wardrobe. The colour black can be swapped with shades like charcoal, grey or dark grey. Experiment not just with the shade but also with patterns, too. Chequered prints are in vogue today.

Don’t over-accessorise

For you to look flawless, your suit only demands you to wear a maximum of three accessories. So in a three-piece suit, your waistcoat must be treated as an accessory and your outfit must stand out accordingly. If you complement a three-piece suit with a pocket square, a tie and a tie pin, it may create a fussy look. Hence, limiting the accessories would be a wise decision.

What sits like a crown in man’s wardrobe is the suit. So, these golden rules will definitely make you dapper. 

(The author is founder and CEO,
Corporate Collars)