I eat, gym and read

I eat, gym and read

My perfect weekend

I am a very laid back person and I enjoy not having to do too many things on my off days.   

My family and friends mean the world to me and my life revolves around my parents. From spending time at home, just whiling away time to heading out for dinners or trips, we love being together. When we are together, we often spend our time video calling my brother who is in the US.  

My mother cooks well. She also tries to experiment with different foods to help me stick to a healthy diet. I am a big foodie and I love eating anything that is healthy yet delicious.  

Workouts are an important part of my life. I workout every day at the gym. Though I am not an early morning person, I workout either by 11 am or go in the evenings and workout for 90 minutes. I like to keep my workouts varied and love mixing toning and cardio exercises. 

Recently, I went to a self-development workshop and trained in Kalaripayattu from there. Though one needs a trainer to take it ahead, I keep practising whatever I have already learnt. It has helped me with stability, strengthening my body and breathing patterns.  

I love going out for a swim with my mother as she is the one who inspired me to focus on my fitness. Swimming relaxes me and also works as a great cardio exercise. 

My weekends are about striking the right balance and cutting away from the mundane. When I am not in the comforts of my home, I love soaking in nature. I enjoy going on treks with my friends and this has exposed me to different experiences. Treks push one out of their comfort zones. Reading outdoors, especially when on a trek, is another favourite pastime.  I love the comforts of my house, especially my room.  My room is where I switch on some pleasant music, pen down my observations and slip into my own world.”