It is the first time I am playing a ghost: Neethu

The actress says that playing a ghost in 'Vajramukhi' pushed her boundaries

Neethu Shetty

Her roles in ‘Poojari’, ‘Gaalipata’ and ‘Manasare’ put actress Neethu Shetty on the Sandalwood map. Having acted in more than 30 Kannada films, Neethu has also made her mark in other regional industries including Tulu, Konkani and Malayalam. 

The actress is excited about her latest release ‘Vajramukhi’, a horror-thriller. She feels that the film, in which she plays a ghost, will be a turning point in her career. Neethu talks more about the film, her role and more in a chat with Metrolife.

How did ‘Vajramukhi’ come your way? 

Lyricist Dr Nagendra Prasad, who has also worked in the film, is the one who suggested my name to the makers.  An actor waits for a role that challenges their career, and this role seemed like the one for me. Working in the film taught me several things; the experience was quite fulfilling.

About your character.

The team was looking for someone who could play the intense character of ‘Vajramukhi’. She has a lot of anger and sadness welled up in her, which she was not able to express when she was alive.

‘Vajramukhi’ appears in various forms throughout the film. She is focussed and has a goal to achieve. I do have another character name which I cannot reveal yet.  

What about the role made you take it up? 

It is a central character in the film, so, I had scope to experiment with the role.As an actor, I was able to try something new and push myself beyond my limits. The emotions that Vajramukhi portrays are something all of us will be able to relate to.

Is this your first thriller/horror movie?

Yes, it is! This is the first time I am playing the role of a ghost though I have acted in a horror film earlier. It was challenging for me to bring out the frustration and anger required for the role as I was mentally peaceful due to meditation.

Any memories from the sets.

For a particular scene, I had to sit atop a banyan tree for a while. Though I had the safety gear strapped on, I was quite scared; the scene was taking some time and I was remembering stories of spirits residing in banyan trees.

I was also worried about getting bitten by animals and birds.

Are you a fan of horror films?

No, I am extremely scared of horror stories. I can only watch one from behind the safety of a pillow. The last horror film I I watched was ‘Karvva’ because my friend R J Rohith acted in it. 

Are you satisfied with your journey in the film industry?

I have been in the industry for 13 years. It has been an interesting ride where I have learned a lot.

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