A reel connect with Kannada

A reel connect with Kannada

From ‘Geetha’ to upcoming film ‘Kannad Gothilla’, many films celebrate Kannada. Today is Karnataka Rajyotsava

The Kannada community’s fear of losing their identity has been portrayed well in ‘Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale, Kasargodu’.

The song ‘Huttidare Kannada Nadalli’ from the 1993 film ‘Aakasmika’ still strikes a chord with Kannadigas and invokes a feeling of pride for the language. Celebrating the language has now become a quintessential theme of Sandalwood. While there are many movies where a song, a scene or a dialogue has been dedicated to the importance of and emotion connected with the language, here are some which strongly evoked language patriotism in people.


Geetha (2019)

The romantic action movie directed by Vijay Naagendra is based on the Gokak chaluvali (agitation), that happened in the 1980s when Kannada was being sidelined and there was an attempt to impose Hindi and English in educational institutions.

This movie also derives its name from the 1981 Kannada classic ‘Geetha’ directed by Shankar Nag. 

Kannad Gothilla (2019)

The upcoming movie is directed by Mayur Raghavendra and is based on true incidents. Mayur says that the language is the protagonist of the movie and Hariprriya the heroine.

The actress essays the role of a person who protests against the people who don’t know Kannada and also wants to teach a lesson to those who know the language yet don’t speak it. The movie claims to motivate Kannada speaking people to teach the language to others.

Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale, Kasargodu (2018)

The brainchild of director Rishab Shetty, it talks about how people try to save a Kannada medium school in Kasargod from shutting down. While it shows violent protests by the people on one hand, there is also the propagation of the idea that it’s fine to learn a new language but not at the cost of losing one’s mother tongue. The Kannada community’s fear of losing their identity has been well portrayed by veteran actor Anant Nag.

Kalidaasa Kannada Meshtru (2019)

An upcoming movie which portrays the conflicts in a Kannada speaking family when the protagonist, a Kannada teacher, wants to admit his son to a Kannada medium college.

Along with the plight of the education system, the film also talks about the importance of old Kannada poets like Ranna, Ponna and Pampa. However, the movie is a humorous one and doesn’t seem to make language an emotional issue.

Kannada Deshadol (2018)

Directed by Aviram Kanteerava, it was released on November 1, 2018 to mark Kannada Rajyotsava. Fittingly, the film pays homage to Karnataka culture and diversity.

It talks about how Kannada is gradually being submerged by other languages in Bengaluru and how it is nearly impossible for the youth to get employed without being proficient in English.

The highlight of the movie remains the special attention given to the diversity of each region, from Uttar Kannada to Madikeri.

From Raju-Kannada Medium.

Raju - Kannada Medium (2018)

A romantic comedy that features Gurunandan, who is better known for his maiden movie ‘Raju 1st Rank’, as the lead.

The story revolves around a young village boy who has had his education in a Kannada medium school and later sets out to make his career in Bengaluru. He constantly faces challenges and feels terrible about himself. Soon Kichha Sudeep pops up in a guest role and motivates him to make his language his strength and succeed in life.

Kannadakkaagi Ondannu Otti (2018)

The movie, directed by Kushal Gowda, grabbed the attention of the audience for using the popular IVR phrase as its title.

The protagonist, Avinash, is a young journalist whose interest lies in writing Kannada poems and prose. After reading these, a college girl falls in love with him.

In the second half, the journalist meets his childhood friend who is now a pro-Kannada activist. The story unfolds gradually, showing people speaking Kannada and residing in villages in a positive light.

Ondu Motteya Kathe

Ondu Motteya Kathe (2017)

A romantic comedy directed by debutant Raj B Shetty, it unravels the plight of a bald Kannada teacher who longs for a perfect companion.

This film is also considered to be the best on-screen tribute to actor Rajkumar till date. It remembers the legend through portraits, scenes, posters and songs featured in the movie.

Auto Raja (2013)

A romantic-drama written and directed by Uday Prakash, it paid tribute to celebrated actor Shankar Nag. The title is also borrowed from his blockbuster movie that was released in 1980.

Actor Ganesh has played the role of an auto driver who has immense love for his language. He later becomes an RJ for a Kannada radio station where he mimics Shankar Nag and preaches life lessons to the audience.

Rajahuli (2013)

The movie, with Yash and Meghana Raj as the lead pair, is based in Mandya district. The protagonist, since then idolised by youth of Karnataka, is a fearless and proud Kannadiga. The heroine was named Kaveri, in a reference to the Cauvery water agitation.

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