Seven ways to style animal prints

Seven ways to style animal prints

Designer Runa Ray says less is more when it comes to wearing jungle motifs. The golden rule is to never wear a print from head to toe

Animal prints and motifs have been a mainstay in fashion for centuries. They were a symbol of wealth and status. Royalty used to have rugs made from animal skin and the display of such items was considered to be a symbol of their high status. Coats made of unusual furs and skin were worn by members of the royal family and the elite classes as they were expensive and hard to come by.

Now, animal prints have become much more accessible as they are not just in fur or skin but reproduced in various forms like embroidery or screen printing. But their appeal remains. 

The prints are indicative of style, sophistication and versatility, and that can be seen in their continued popularity. 

Celebrities and fashion designers have played a major role in bringing animal print into mainstream fashion; with it being spotted on multiple runways and red carpets throughout the years.

Animal prints can be worn anytime, irrespective of the season.

It’s almost always a loud print so it is important to style it perfectly for it to look right. The golden rule to remember while wearing animal print is never dress head to toe with this print.

Here, less is more, so as to keep the look sophisticated and stylish.

Below are a few tips to dress in these versatile prints:


1 An animal print coat can be teamed with a simple shirt and denims to add an extra flavour to your style.


2 A leopard print dress will look fabulous with black pumps and gold accessories. Alternatively if you want a more subtle pop of print, you could go for a printed pair of shoes and team it up with a neutral coloured outfit.


3 A scarf which has a zebra, cheetah or tiger print will garner attention if combined with the right outfit. A beige tweed suit, offset with an animal print scarf and large sunglasses will make heads turn.


4 Although tricky, you can combine different animal prints for a chic outfit. A failsafe combination is a leopard print top with a pair of snakeskin textured shoes.


5 Accessories in animal print, are a sure way to add that extra oomph to your wardrobe. Hand bags, shoes and sunglasses are evergreen and can be easily incorporated into a variety of outfits. 


6 Jewellery items and fashion accessories such as watch straps, print earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, hair pins, hair bands, earrings and many also work as pieces to pop your entire look.


7 Animal motifs are also commonly used in embroidery and in jewellery. These pieces can be reserved for special occasions and can add an effortless glamour.


Even though animal prints come in various synthetic materials, it’s always better to choose the natural  fabrics. Make sure that the prints are done using natural dyes and chemicals that are not harmful for the environment.