Sugar-free indulgences for those with a sweet tooth

Sugar-free indulgences for those with a sweet tooth

The chocolates by D-Junk come in flavours such as ‘Aur Nutty’, ‘Coco Nessy’ and ‘Millety’

For some, certain foods leave a comforting aftertaste but for others, it’s gnawing guilt. To help the latter half Bengaluru-based food startup has concocted chocolates that aim to take the guilt out of their favourite indulgence.

 Arnab Guha, who launched his startup Impeccable Innovations around four years ago with his father Gautam Guha, has introduced the brand D-Junk. It hopes to takes the junk out of chocolates. They are also working on a plant-based mock chicken for those who crave for meat but can’t have it for various reasons.

 “Our chocolates have no sugar. The sweetness comes from stevia, a sugar substitute,” says Guha, who is a post-graduate in food science and technology from Haryana. He has had stints in multinationals like Britannia, Heinz and Novozymes in their R&D and production departments. His father is an MSc from the Punjab Agriculture University.

“Stevia is a leaf-based extract that is around 250 times sweeter than sugar, but neither adds to the calorie count nor increase the glucose level in the blood,” says Guha.

He adds that many chocolate makers are considering switching to this ingredient. “Companies prefer sugar since it is much cheaper,” says Guha, who says his chocolates found many takers at his stall at the recent horticulture fair at Indian Institute of Horticulture, Hessarghatta.

The bars not only eliminate sugar, but also provide nutrition. D-Junk comes in three variants — Coco Nessy, a coconut-based chocolate, Aur Nutty, that has nuts and Millety, which is packed with millets.

His flagship brands however are the Sportify range of flours, which are essentially atta products aimed at gluten-intolerant consumers.

“Sportify atta substitutes wheat with varieties of rice, fibre and millets. Our product has been recognized by the Indian Institute of Millet Research in Hyderabad, where it is being incubated,” says Guha.

The company also makes mango, chilly and lime pickles under the brand MereVala besides cold-pressed mustard oil. Being an innovator, Guha is set to launch an idli/dosa mix, where one has to just add water to the mix and let it ferment overnight. 
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