Many students regret not signing up to vote

Many students regret not signing up to vote


They are from outside Bengaluru, and had no clue they could get on to the voter list

Any Indian citizen above 18 can vote. And if you want to vote in a particular constituency, all you need is to have stayed there for a year, and signed up to be on the electoral list.

“I only got to know yesterday that people living here for a certain period could vote,” says Madhespriya, a resident of Bengaluru for two years. She hails from Tamil 

Sneha, who studies Political Science, learnt from a seminar at Mount Carmel College that she could vote in Bengaluru. 

But many who have applied for voter ID cards say they have not heard from the authorities.

“But it is true most of us didn’t know we could register and vote here,” says Sushmita, living in Bengaluru for three years.

She has already applied for a voter’s ID card in West Bengal. “Even there, I have been regularly calling the authorities but nothing has moved,” she told Metrolife.

First-time voters also faced problems because they didn’t have Aadhaar cards.

“I went had been to the ward office to sign up for a voter ID card, they did not accept my passport as identity proof,” says Neeti Moni, hailing from Assam.

Her father visited the ward office too, but to no avail.

Pragya, a Bengaluru resident for two years, is originally from UP. Her excitement about the elections died down when she came to know she didn’t have a vote.

Sushmita is a political science student and knows each vote counts. She now wants to spread awareness about the voting process. 

“I haven’t got my voter’s ID card, so I guess I can only vote in the 2019 elections. I am annoyed by the crimes around us and wanted to express my protest with a vote,” says Sumbul, hailing from West Bengal.

Are you on the list?

The National Voters’ Services Portal will tell you. Log on to, key in your name, and check.

What election official says 

April 24 was the last date to register for the Karnataka Assembly elections.

* We have campaigned all over the city, at colleges and PG hostels, and anyone staying here can register. Many have registered. We have an electoral roll revision at the end of the year. Voters can register even now.

* There are two steps to register: bring a birth certificate as proof that you are above 18. The other is to bring Aadhaar card or rental receipt or any document proving your residence in the city.

* About 90 per cent of voters cards have been delivered and many people should get their cards. 

* We are not able to deliver 100 per cent. A voter ID card is not necessary to vote. Your name must be on the electoral list and you can vote using one of 12 documents: bank pass book, passport, employers’ card, ration card and so on.

* Online registration is possible but you have to visit an office to submit documents. That’s because online applications cannot be signed.