Five tips to boost your appetite

Five tips to boost your appetite

Wondering how to feel good about food? Metrolife brings you some tips

The best way to stimulate hunger is by exercising.

Your appetite could get affected because of multiple factors such as hormone imbalance, mental or physical illness,
or a side effect of a treatment.

Here are a few tips that can help you meet your ideal weight goal and the average calorie requirement for a

Breakfast is a must

Breakfast is the most important meal and skipping it will only make you eat less through the day. It not only helps in boosting the thermogenesis of the body but also help burn calories, resulting in increased appetite. 

Eat smaller meals

You must have noticed that a fit person always consumes more than three meals a day and still does not gain fat. The secret behind this is the more frequently you eat, the more hungry you get. People with less appetite tend to feel full on very little portion. When you divide the three meals into six with adequate intervals, the body prompts hunger-stimulating hormones. This helps increase your appetite while gaining healthy weight. 

Get a bigger plate

Use big plates while serving your food. This way, you will feel like you are eating less food when in fact you are consuming larger portions. It also helps you hit your calorie count. 


The best way to stimulate hunger is by getting some exercise. It increases muscle mass, metabolic rate, and hormone production. The more energy you shed, the faster your body will ask for food to regain lost energy. Also, what better way to get your body moving than some exercise?

Try a new dish

It is obvious to lose interest in food if you eat the same thing every day. Trying different flavours and combinations will make you look forward to the food. And when you like the food you consume, you eat to the fullest. That also helps in putting on weight.  

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