Singer Akull's latest is about modern relationships

Singer Akull's latest song is about modern-day relationships

The music video was shot in Jaipur and brings out the city’s ethnic culture along with the singer’s signature style

Akull, popular singer and music composer, recently launched his song ‘Faraar’ featuring Avneet Kaur.  Akull has given successful tracks in the past like ‘Laal Bindi’, ‘Laal Chunariya’, ‘Bahana’, and created a unique space for himself in the music industry. Akull talks to Metrolife about his new song and his experiences in the music industry.

How did you get interested in composing?

I’ve always been very passionate about music, and the entire process of composition and production of music always fascinated me. I began my career my composing melodies for songs, and singing happened along the way.

What encouraged you to work on 'Faraar'?

I try to bring something new to the audience. ‘Faraar’ is very different from my previous songs, because it is tastefully written from a woman’s perspective on the modern-day relationship culture. I composed the melody of the song a year and a half ago, while I was travelling, and instantly knew that it’s something special.

How do you deal with competition and failure?

I stay positive, and focus on my work. I believe there will always be some amount of criticism, which when taken positively and will help me grow. I focus on acing my own benchmarks, rather than comparing myself to others.

How was the experience of shooting during the pandemic?

The entire process was a lot more time-consuming due to the pandemic, since our crew was very committed towards following the safety protocols diligently. I’m glad that even after such a big crew of about 50 to 60 people, we managed the shoot well and everyone is safe.

Do you have any favourites in the Indian music scene?

I look up to the work of Jaani, the music writer and composer and look forward to working with him someday. His work inspires me and I listen to his compositions frequently.

Do you find any differences between live performances and Zoom shows? What do you prefer?

There’s definitely a very significant difference between the two, and even though I enjoy zoom shows and Instagram live sessions, I think that live performances are a completely different experience.

With the crowd cheering your name and singing along, it’s a very surreal feeling for any artist. I miss live shows.


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