Playing music with passion

Playing music with passion


Come Saturdays, and there will be a special performance by the band ‘Twist’ at the The ITC Royal Gardenia.

Known for its upbeat music, ‘Twist’ comprises David James, Stephanie Fernandez and Mercedes Bhatia.

While David, who is an Indian and New Zealander, is the lead singer and percussionist; Stephanie Fernandez, from Goa, is the lead vocalist and keyboardist.

Mercedes Bhatia, an Indian-Portuguese guitarist, is the lead guitarist and back up vocalist.

The band offers a variety of upbeat music including retro, reggae, classic rock and pop panning across popular favourites — Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, ‘Pink Floyd’, ‘The Eagles’ amongst others.

The members had known each other for a while before they decided to make music together. “We have something to offer for everyone, be it reggae, rock ‘n’ roll or retro. So our music is for different types of people, and for those who like different kinds of music,” says David. Generally, the band performs at privates parties or corporate functions.

Ask them about their influences and you get an array of answers. “I like ‘Pink Floyd’ and ‘Guns N Roses’,” says Mercedes while Stephanie says, “My dad is a musician and I consider him as my biggest influence.” David, who is into rock, says his favourites keep changing from time to time. “There are so many new bands in the City. They all are original and good.”

Speaking of the excellent music scene of Goa, Stephanie says, “There is a lot of good music in Goa. However, the scene over here is almost the same.” While Mercedes, who is into classical rock and classical music, has toured with Lucky Ali as his lead guitarist.

Compared to that, how different is to perform as part of ‘Twist’? “That of course is for a larger crowd of 5000 to 15000. But I enjoy playing both kinds of music,” she says. Do music-lovers see them releasing an album in the near future?

“Album is not a priority for us as of now. We enjoy playing good music,” informs David. The artistes say they adjust themselves according to the audience at each of their shows. “When you have a good crowd, the venue doesn’t matter,” he feels. “We are an eclectic band and like taking things step by step and building a rapport with the crowd.” 

He adds, “As long as the crowd is fun and music-loving, we enjoy playing for them.” Catch ‘Twist’ performing at the Highland Nectar Bar, ITC Royal Gardenia every Saturday, 9 pm onwards.