Swiss watch company comes to India

Swiss watch company comes to India

Carl F Bucherer Manero
Tourbillion Double Peripheral watch


Swiss Luxury watch manufacturer ‘Carl F Bucherer’, one of the few remaining family-owned Swiss watch manufacturers, is celebrating 130 years of existence this year. 

Having been in the market since 1888, today the company is run by the third generation of the family, under Jörg G Bucherer.

Rajitha Menon caught up with Laurent Lecamp, Executive Vice President,  Sales and Board Member, when he was in the city recently.  

Tell us about the watchmaking tradition of Carl F Bucherer and in Switzerland generally...

Carl F Bucherer is one of the oldest watch family business in Switzerland, based in the city of Lucerne. Watchmaking is intrinsic to the DNA of Switzerland.

In the case of Carl F Bucherer, our entire brand ethos emerges from Lucerne and hence we champion our origin of being ‘Made of Lucerne’.

They say all watch movements are made by the same one or two factories, with only the design changing. Is this true?

This is not true. We at Carl F Bucherer manufacture our own movements in Switzerland.

What are the fashion trends that govern the watch industry? 

For ladies, the trends keep changing more rapidly. Women are more interested in bigger dials and occasion wear beyond jewellery watches. 

What kind do you specialise in?

We have distinct product families that appeal to a variety of tastes. We have the classic Manero watches for a more understated yet classy appeal. Our Patravi product family is more sporty and suited for people with a sense of adventure and business travellers.

What are your plans for the Indian market?

We have seen a healthy response to the brand in India over the years and we are opening three new stores across India with our partners Ethos soon. We are also proud to bring our brand new Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral timepiece to India by early next year.