Poor thing targeted for good work: Haris

Poor thing targeted for good work: Haris

N A Haris

After 116 days in jail, Mohammed Nalapad is out on bail. Son of N A Haris, Shantinagar MLA, he was arrested and sent behind bars for assaulting 24-year old Vidwat in a fit of rage at an upscale restaurant.

Mohammed had objected to Vidwat keeping his leg stretched out, and brutally beat him up at the restaurant and later at a hospital.  Haris spoke exclusively to Metrolife soon after his son reached home.

Are you relieved?

We know what we are going through as a family. Something that should not have happened has happened. Now, the next step is to come out of it. It’s all blown out of proportion.

How has Mohammed Nalapad taken it all?

Poor thing. He was away from us for 116 days. We are all made strong, so we have been able to take it. If it were otherwise, it would have affected us all. He understands it is all done on purpose. Take Rahul Gandhi. Just because he is the son Rajiv Gandhi and grandson of Indira Gandhi, he is being attacked. We are in the limelight because we do good work.

What is the next step?

We have to look into the legal aspects. We have no choice but to face the courts and do whatever has to be done to close the case. That’s our next step. I want him to get back to his normal life.

Do you think the case will affect his political ambitions?

We have no political ambitions. The first thing is to be a good human being. I hope this gives him a rebirth and helps him become a better person.

Are you grooming him for politics?

Politics is just social work. And I am doing it with passion. I don’t look at it as a profession. I am here to serve the people. My son will do it with me.

So he is back in time for Eid...

I must thank the almighty. He was fasting in jail. He is finally home with my parents, his wife, and his mother and sister.