Hoping a sell-out, says Hopcoms on season’s first mango mela

Hoping a sell-out, says Hopcoms on season’s first mango mela

Summer is the time for seasonal fruits; the time when the air brims with the scent of mangoes and jackfruits. It is also the time for Hopcoms mela, which this year promises carbide-free mangoes. Ever since the inauguration of the first mela on Tuesday, many made a beeline to the Hopcoms stores in Hudson Circle to check out the fresh produce on display.

Director of Horticulture Y S Patil, who inaugurated the mela on Tuesday, said the department is hoping to ramp-up sales this year. While last year’s mela recorded a sale of 750 tonnes, the department hopes it would touch 1000 tonnes this time.

Fruits sold across all Hopcoms counters across the city will bear a 10% discount. The department procures the fruits from the farmers and is selling them with a 20 to 22% margin.

Delayed season

Hopcoms’president A S Chandregowda said the fruits have arrived late to the market because of last year’s severe rains and hailstorms, adding that they would be sold off early.

The mango ripening season would end in a fortnight’s time in Ramanagara and Belagavi. The output is expected to be low in Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Bengaluru Rural and Chintamani, besides Belagavi.

Have more fruits

Patil said children should be encouraged to have jackfruits instead of processed sweets. He also said those with diabetes can consume fruits, but in limited quantities.

Patil added that visitors to the mela are allowed to sample the fruits before buying them.