After 2019, no 2024 polls: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj

After 2019, no 2024 polls: BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj on Thursday made a controversial statement predicting no elections in 2024 after prime minister Narendra Modi's victory in the Lok Sabha elections this year. 

In a video on social media, he said, “there won’t be an election in 2024. Therefore, we have to vote in overwhelming numbers this time.” 

“I am a sanyasi and can see the future. This is the last election in the country,” he said as a prediction in an event in Unnao.

The saffron-clad parliamentarian from Unnao constituency in Uttar Pradesh is known for his controversial statements. Once he had opined that all the dead bodies be cremated in this country. Earlier he had said the reason for the high population is “four wives and 40 children” attitude referring to Muslims.

Earlier this week, he was in the news for his warning to the party leadership of revolt if they deny ticket from Unnao constituency.