Bar members can't hold judiciary to ransom: SC

Bar members can't hold judiciary to ransom: SC

A view of the SC (PTI Photo)

The Supreme Court on Monday said that no litigant has the right to question integrity and ability of a judge. The court also made it clear that members of the Bar cannot hold the judiciary to ransom by threatening judges of initiating criminal action.

A bench of Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose convicted three persons, including two lawyers of contempt of court, for writing letters to the President, Chief Justice of India and other judges, with allegations against two sitting judges of the top court.

The bench found that the contents of these letters with allegations like "criminal-minded judges" and "judges running a syndicate" amounted to scandalising the court and lowering its majesty.

The court fixed May 1 as the date for hearing arguments on the quantum of sentence which may go up to six months in jail.

The court said when the ability, integrity and dignity of the judges are questioned, this is an attack on the institution. It is an attack on the majesty of law and lowers the impression of the courts in the public eye.

“There can be no manner of doubt that any citizen of the country can criticise the judgments delivered by any court including this court.  However, no party has the right to attribute motives to a judge or to question the bona fides of the judge," the court said.