BJP attacks AAP govt for 'spending crores' on advertisement

BJP attacks AAP govt for 'spending crores' on advertisement

The AAP-led Delhi government today came under attack from BJP for spending "crores of public money" in advertisements for political gains.

BJP yesterday threatened to approach the apex court if the TV commercial was not withdrawn soon.
Today, BJP said the Arvind Kejriwal regime was following previous Sheila Dikshit dispensation in the matter of advertisements.

The opposition party also took potshots at the state government for keeping 21 Parliamentary Secretaries out of the purview of "office of profit" clause terming it as "theatrics".

BJP slammed AAP-led Delhi Government for allegedly spending "crores" of public money promoting itself for "political gains".

"Money from public exchequer is being used for promoting individuals (including Chief Minister Kejriwal) in the government for political gains. Earlier,  Sheila Dikshit had done so.

"The Lokayukta had then found her guilty. She had spent Rs 22 crore. Now, AAP has spent Rs 5 crore to propagate itself," claimed Vijender Gupta, Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly.

Referring to AAP government's advertisements, which claim to have controlled corruption, Gupta sought to know who these people are.

"The Government has not disclosed their names, but is spending crores of rupees on erecting hoardings to claim credit," Gupta said claiming the campaign is a case of violation of a Supreme Court order.

Meanwhile, the BJP legislator ridiculed the state government for providing "all the facilities" to 21 Parliamentary Secretaries, but keeping them out of the purview of 'office of profit' clause.

"These are all theatrics. The Parliamentary Secretaries have been given offices, vehicles, are being treated like ministers. They can go through files. Government has provided them several facilities. Crores of rupees are being spent on Parliamentary secretaries. Then you say they don't fall in the 'office of profit' category. This is contradictory," he said.

As per Article 239(A) of Constitution, number of Cabinet ministers in Delhi can not exceed 10 percent of total 70 Assembly seats, that is 7.

However, Gupta quipped, Delhi has 28 ministers given the kind of facilities Parliamentary Secretaries are receiving.

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