Hotel spa employee rapes British woman

Hotel spa employee rapes British woman

People of Photo for representation only. Bangalore protesting outside Bangalore Town Hall on Sunday, December 30 demanding justice for the victim of the 2012 gang rape case. Credit: Wikipedia creative commons

A British woman on a visit to India was allegedly raped in Chandigarh by a man who had given her a foot spa in a room, sources said on Saturday.

The British national was on a tourist visa and was staying with someone for the last few days in a hotel in Chandigarh’s Information Technology Park. The accused was an employee of the hotel and is on the run. On Friday, the British woman asked for a spa service at the hotel.

The accused raped her and threatened the woman of dire consequences if she revealed anything. The hotel staff was informed about the incident after which the matter was reported to the police. A case of rape has been registered against the accused.

The medical examination of the British national has been conducted. Examining CCTV camera footage and call records are being examined as part of the investigation.

The hunt for the accused is underway, said sources.