More ‘bold’ decisions to follow in next 4 years: BJP

More ‘bold’ decisions to follow in next four years of Modi 2.0 government: BJP

On Saturday when Modi 2.0 government completed its one year of the second term, BJP dropped broad indications that the thrust on ‘bold’ decisions taken by the party regarding its core issues like abolition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir will continue even in the remaining term as political culture of delaying decisions has been given a go-by by the current dispensation.

“Government will definitely decide at appropriate times about all the issues we have mentioned in the manifesto and vision document. We will fulfil the promises made in the vision document,” Party President J P Nadda said when replying to a question on whether the BJP will make any forward movement on its core agenda like Uniform Civil Code after having completed two promises on abrogation of Article 370 and Ram Temple.  

Addressing the media through a video conference, Nadda hit out at Congress for ‘putting obstacles in arriving at a court decision on Ram temple” and said the dream of people pending for centuries was released in the first year of Modi 2.0 government when the Supreme Court decided in favour of Ram temple on the disputed site.

“With the dispute settled, all sides can now work in a united manner. A grand temple will soon be built at the site, and a mosque too shall be built in the land allocated for it,” he said.

Earlier in a letter and voice message to people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India demonstrated its mettle through the surgical strike and air strike while Article 370 furthered the spirit of national unity and integration. He said the Ram Mandir judgment brought an amicable end to a debate persisting for centuries and the barbaric practice of Triple Talaq has been confined to the dustbin of history.

Home Minister Amit Shah said the Modi government in these six years rectified mistakes of the last six decades. Government also released an account of the Modi government’s functioning as ‘Vikas Yatra’.

In his briefing Nadda said he drew a parallel of six years of Modi-rule versus seventy years of Congress rule, claiming that the Modi government has changed the culture of governance and politics in his tenure.

“For decades, under previous governments, the difficult decisions were kept for later, kept hanging, kept pushing forward for a later date, with an attitude that we can keep important issues for later, keep diverting the issues. that attitude has now changed. These decisions are now taken and dealt with in a time-bound manner and taking everyone along. We are not a government that has the attitude of "Atkaana, latkaana, bhatkaana".

He said when Modi took the mantle of the nation in 2014, the entire system of the country was paralysed. It was on a standstill.

“Modi gave momentum to the system in the first five years. Government is in full momentum in Modi 2.0. Many bold decisions have been taken in the first year and will be so in future. In the first five years, the focus of the Modi government was on major economic and social reforms. The first year of the second term has been about strengthening the nation and ensuring its sovereignty is not compromised,” Nadda said.

Dismissing Rahul Gandhi’s questions on lockdown he said the former Congress President does not have the intelligence to understand the issue. “Rahul Gandhi says these things as he lacks the in-depth knowledge of these subjects. His knowledge, his study is limited. His statements are aimed at politicking not fighting pandemic.” He insisted that during this Coronavirus crisis, the timely decision of lockdown and subsequent steps has saved the nation from a great disaster.

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