Plea against Mahatma beer in Czech Republic

Plea against Mahatma beer in Czech Republic

Close on the heels of an Israeli firm apologising for putting the image of Mahatma Gandhi on its beer bottles, a Czech Republic company reportedly brought at a beer in the name Mahatma India Pale Ale with a sketch of Mahatma Gandhi on a tri-colour background on its label.

The Kerala-based Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation on Monday wrote to President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top officials of Indian government, apart from top officials of the Czech Republic government, including the Embassy of Czech Republic in India urging that the beer should be withdrawn soon as it is an act of disrespect and insult.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in India have replied that they would follow-up the matter, the foundation chairman Eby J Jose told DH.

Jose, who had earlier raised the issue of Mahatma Gandhi's image on beer bottles in Israel, said that he came across the Mahatma beer in the Czech Republic as some of his friends who recently went on a vacation to the Czech Republic spotted it and shared pictures.

Jose said that Czech Republic firm Pivovar Chric was learnt to have brought out the beer in 2018 as a limited edition one in connection with Martyrs' day. But the beer is still available there. The Czech company's website also give details of the product.

It says that, "Mahatma India Pale Ale appears to be the best legacy of British colonial tradition. Strong, top-fermented and very hopped beer was brewed to last several months by sea to India. We named it after the Great Spirit and the Fighter against Non-Freedom. The aroma of exotic spices and citrus can be recognized in beer," Jose pointed out.