PM Manmohan Singh favours peace with Pakistan

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh speaks to the media on board his special plane on Wednesday.

Singh, who had met Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari in Yekaterinburg, said if Islamabad shows "courage, determination and statesmanship to take the high road to peace, India will meet it more than half the way".
He said Zardari had told him that he was sincere in fighting terrorism but he talked about difficulties his government is facing in tackling the menace and sought "some time" in this regard.

"I have spoken before also about my vision of a cooperative sub-continent and of the vital interest that India and the people of the sub-continent have in peace. For this, we must try again to make peace with Pakistan.

But for this, it is essential that strong and effective steps are taken by Pakistan against the enemies of peace," Singh told journalists accompanying him on his way back after attending two multilateral summits.

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