Commuters throng to BEST bus stops after fare cut

Commuters throng to BEST bus stops after fare cut

Following the fare cut, the commuters rushed to BEST bus stops across Mumbai city. The fares were dipped to Rs 5 for five kilometres in regular buses and Rs 6 in air-conditioned buses. 

The maximum amount to travel across the city is Rs 20 for regular and Rs 25 for AC buses. 

However, passengers complained of buses unavailability of buses to serve the huge crowds at the bus stops during peak hours, reported Times of India.

"We have made bus travel cheaper and more reliable option for Mumbaikars. The low AC fares will dissuade office-goers from using private vehicles, including cars and two-wheelers, on road and woo them towards the AC buses in near future. It will reduce congestion and pollution as well," Surendrakumar Bagde, general manager of BEST, was quoted saying to Times of India.

Mumbaikars came together to appreciate the move on social media.