When your prayers are not answered

When your prayers are not answered


A pastor was ministering in a remote area where he had to walk each Sunday for 4 hours through a thick forest. He began his walk at 4:00 am.

One morning, this pastor was stuck in the midst of the forest and the clouds were sure to burst. He fell on his knees asking God to stop the rains as he had to reach his people.  But even as he prayed the clouds burst and a heavy rain began. “God didn’t answer my prayer,” he said to himself. But he carried on walking drenched in the rains.

Discouragement gripped him hard and he resolved to abandon the mission and return to his family for he felt it is no longer serving a God who does not answer.

While reflecting on the decision to resign or to stay in service, three young men on the way met him saying, “Pastor, we came to testify and assure you that you should continue serving your God for He is a Living God”. They continued, “Your prayers brought us rains in the dry season when our crops were failing and we were suffering drought and poverty” .

Hearing this, the pastor went on his knees again and thanked God and committed to serve Him the rest of his life believing that God will never fail him.

There are moments in life when we feel God doesn’t answer our prayers and we tend to give up. But in our adversity, God still answers our prayers. At times, we don’t benefit but our prayers bring solace to many others. When we go down on our knees, we must think not only of ourselves but for others.

Begin praying for others first before you pray for yourself and you will see miracles happen in your life. Someone may be going through a broken-marriage, some with unemployment, some with thoughts of suicide, some others with deep financial crisis. They need your prayers because in these circumstances, they cannot pray or have given-up on God.

So when you feel your prayers are not answered, be sure, He is reaching out to someone in more need of prayers. So keep praying.