Touching act of kindness

Touching act of kindness

This incident happened a long time ago, during a chilly winter in Buffalo, New York. Yet, it often envelops my mind especially during the turn of the year when we look out upon the world’s hectic life and become more interested in people than in things. As I consider making new resolutions, remembering to be kind stays on top of the list.

My husband and I, a young couple then were the proud owners of our first home in the suburbs of Buffalo. The house was a beautiful raised ranch, however it had some obvious defects which we overlooked due to our excitement and inexperience. About two weeks after buying the house we realised that it needed a new furnace. Since a new furnace seemed rather expensive, we decided to get it repaired.

On a cold December afternoon, when the mechanic came home, my husband was away at work. Since the furnace was in the garage, I stepped out to direct him. As he examined the furnace, I stood shivering in the wind. “Young lady,” he said, “this may take a while, you might want to step in and get a jacket”. As I turned towards the door I realised I had locked myself out. The mechanics of the door and the latch were still new to me.  While I was trying to think of a way out of my predicament, the mechanic came out of the garage. I didn’t say a single word and yet he figured out exactly what had transpired. He asked me where my husband worked and how long it would take him to get home. When he found out that it would take him about 45 minutes to come home he looked perplexed. “I have to go to another job site, otherwise I would have asked you to sit in my truck…its heated,” he said.  “I’ll be fine,” I said. I was not really his problem, yet he seemed hesitant to leave. He went towards his truck, then walked back to me…removed the colossal jacket he was wearing and shoved it into my hands. “Wear this till your husband comes home”.

“I’ll be fine,” I insisted and shook my head. He thrust the jacket in my hands. “I’ll pick it up if and when I come this side” were his parting words. I’m not sure he heard my half frozen “Thank you”. My husband found me 30 minutes later warm and snug like a bug in a rug. The jacket covered me entirely.

Later, when we didn’t hear from him we tried contacting him through the agency, however, it was futile. I held on to the jacket for a while and then a few years later I gave it to someone in need. Around the same time every year, I am reminded of this incident and a feeling of warmth envelopes me. I am reminded to be a little kinder than I need to be. I am also reminded of the fact that even though the human body has limitations, the human spirit is made boundless through kindness.

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