People forced to buy water at 2 per pot

People forced to buy water at 2 per pot

A view of Veerbhadrappa Layout in Kadur.

Residents, residing in four residential layouts situated at a distance of four km from Kadur, have been deprived of basic amenities. They are compelled to purchase water for their daily usage.

Till 2002-2003, people from Budubudike, Shillekyatha and Hakki Shikari community used to dwell in their tents put up on a land near Kadur bus shelter. With an objective to provide proper housing facilities to the people belonging to nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes, the Town Municipal Council constructed four residential layouts on Kallapur Road near Malleshwara village near the town. The layouts are named after the former MLAs M Veerabhadrappa, P B Omkaramurthy, K R Honnappa and N K Hucchappa.

Currently, people belonging to ‘Alemari’ and ‘Are Alemari’ communities have been living in small houses in the layouts. However, the lack of basic amenities has been haunting the people in the fourth ward of Kadur TMC. There are no proper roads, drainage facility or drinking water. The lack of cleanliness is visible, as the civic workers do not come to the layout.

Other than constructing two small roads and a drain, the TMC has not taken any interest in carrying out any major works in the layout. Even though Kadur town gets water under Bhadra drinking water project, the layout has no water connection so far. The people are dependent on the borewell water. But, clean water is still a mirage. The residents have been purchasing water from private persons at Rs 2 per pot on a day-to-day basis.

Water stored in the over head tank in the village, is being supplied by the TMC to Malleshwara village, once in 15 days.

The residents said that the quantity of water supplied is insufficient to fulfill their basic requirements. The lack of facilities has made many of the residents abandon their houses.

The residents have urged the local administration to at least supply drinking water. They said they are fed up with problems and have received nothing but assurances so far.