Bored of the lockdown? Google is coming to the rescue

Bored of the coronavirus lockdown? Google is coming to the rescue with some of its most popular Doodles

Go have some fun with Google's most popular doodles

Are you tired of sitting in your home with nothing to do but watch reruns of soap operas during this time of coronavirus lockdown, or you have finally gone through your backlog of books and movies and are looking for something fun to do? Well, worry no more, for Google is coming to your rescue.

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Google, the search engine giant, has over the years perfected the art of using its search engine logo to create small, interactive experiences through doodles. From celebrating birthdays to death anniversaries to key events in world history and even sports, the Google Doodle has come to be a popular element of Google.

So now, as many countries enter another week of lockdowns and quarantines to stem the spread of the coronavirus, Google has decided to employ the Doodles to maybe try and cull some of that boredom while scientists try and figure out a way to cull the virus.

Starting Monday, Google will come up with some of its most popular doodles (which, by the way, stretch back all the way to 2010) to get people to have some fun from the comfort of their computers.

To experience the interactive Doodles, all you need to do is go to Google and click on the Google logo. From there, you can interact with each day's Doodle. For instance, the current Doodle on display is 'Coding' from 2017, where you use rudimentary blocks to instruct a rabbit to move and grab some carrots.

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