Google Meet to get more security, live translations

Google Meet to get more security, mutiple closed caption translations and more

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic-induced lockdown around the world in 2020, Google has made available several tools to Meet video conference solutions to help people work virtually.
Also, for an extended time, Google Meet, an enterprise service was made free to use for schools with limited resources to conduct online classes.

Now, Google Meet is set to get more value-added features to offer enhanced user experience for corporate work and also school teachers to conduct classes to a wider audience.

To begin with, Meetings initiated from Google Classroom will get more secured and protection from uninvited people entering during a middle of a session, which is a huge pain point in other video solutions in the industry.

Going forward, every teacher and co-teacher in a Classroom class will be meeting hosts in Meet by default, so multiple people can share the load of managing a class.
And, those who are not on the Classroom roster will have to “ask to join” and only the teacher(s) can allow them into the meeting.

Also, once the teacher enters the session, children will be automatically admitted to it. If the students join early to the Meeting, they will be directed to the waiting room and won't be able to communicate with others in it unless there is a teacher present.

Teachers will also get a veto power to video lock if they sense any distraction during the classroom session.

Also, admins will get more options to set policies for who can join their school’s video calls and whether people from their school can join video calls from other institutions.

And, those with subscriptions to premium Education Standard and Education Plus, admins can end any meeting in their organisation directly from the investigation tool, and Quick access will be automatically turned off so nobody can rejoin the meeting without the host present.

After launching hand raises and sound options for students to get the attention of teachers, Google Meetings Classroom will soon support supports closed captions in five languages so people can more easily follow along and stay engaged. 

Soon, users will be able to pin multiple tiles to customize what they want to focus on. 

For instance, students can easily pin a sign language interpreter and the teacher so they can see both at the same time.

For those with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Education Plus subscription, Google Meet will offer live translated captions. With live translations enabled, users can listen to someone speaking one language and see real-time captions in another language.

Google Meet to support live streaming. Credit: Google

Also, schools can host public classrooms on Google Meet and stream them live on YouTube. With this, anyone outside of the institution can attend, ideal for school board meetings, school events, and more.

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