Rahul trolled for latest campaign trail verbal gaffe

Rahul trolled for latest campaign trail verbal gaffe

Rahul Gandhi. PTI File Photo

This isn't the first time that Rahul Gandhi has muddled words. He once confused the words 'brastachaar' and 'balathkar' and once mentioned Karnataka’s Indira Canteen for Tamil Nadu’s Amma Canteen. And now, there's a new gaffe.

In his speech at Alwar ahead of the exit polls in Rajasthan, Gandhi referred to 'Kumbhakaran Lift Yojana' when he meant to say 'Kumbha Ram Lift Yojana'. He was speaking about the Kumbha Ram Arya Lift Canal project. The video of Gandhi's words has now gone viral.

DH brings together some of the tweets: 







Check out BJP's IT chief Amit Malviya's tweet:



The Congress president switched the name of Jat freedom fighter Chaudhary Kumbharam Arya with that of Kumbhakaran, who is known from the 'Ramayana' as Ravana’s younger demonic brother and is famous for hibernating for six months a year. 

In the video, Gandhi says, “Ashok Gehlotji gave money for the Kumbhakaran Lift Yojana”. He is then corrected by someone off camera and quickly goes on to make clear that he meant to say 'Kumbha Ram Lift Yojana'.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal mocked Gandhi by tweeting, “Kumbhakaran life yojna? Kumbhakaran used to sleep only for six months whereas Congress has been sleeping for the past sixty years depriving the country of development.”



Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mocked the gaffe at a public meeting in Sumerpur. He said that the Congress president did not even know Kumbha Ram, the freedom fighter and late Congress leader. Modi further joked saying that Gandhi does not have a clue about names of his own party leaders.