Today's Horoscope – February 29, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs
Published 28 February 2024, 18:31 IST
A productive day if you can keep your expectations within reasonable bounds. Today make contact with important people who could help you in business. Be tactful in your dealings - a little prevarication keeps the other guessing and gives you time to negotiate. Colour: Orange Number: 1
You will have original ideas, worth implementing. You will finally manage to solve a long-postponed financial issue. Cash flow good, and an unexpected cash bonus brightens up your week. Today is a good time for business. Colour: jade Number: 4
You will have to work hard and take your friends' support. Don’t believe everything you hear. Keep an open mind. Your attention span seems to be reducing, so stay more focussed. Significant-other still is elusive. Colour: Pink Colour: 5
Watch out for quarrelsome people and avoid arguing as it's just a waste of precious energy. Don't rely too much on other people's commitments, as you may be let down. Take precautions against seasonal allergies. Colour: Opal Number: 3
Something you say today could hurt another person’s feelings, so be careful with your choice of words. You start to see with clarity who you can and can't trust and you no longer feel scared of trusting your inner emotions. Colour: Honey Number: 6
You've been in a rut and you need to do something that will help you break the pattern you've fallen into. A day for belt-tightening and caution about investments and expenditures. Going on a diet is favoured now.  Colour: White Number: 8
You have been on an adrenaline-high the past few days and you are more exhausted than you really know. Take time to unwind with a loved one. You have clearly marked your goals, so go about it steadily. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Colour: Silver Number:  2
A misunderstanding with a close friend will upset you a good deal. Seek the advice of another trusted friend to make peace between the two of you, as you are both hot-headed and not ready to back off. Colour: Apricot Number: 7
You may feel that you are walking a tight-rope, waiting for things to happen, however, this is only a temporary phase. Be patient and learn to go with the flow. Perhaps even a small sacrifice may be necessary, to achieve a greater whole. Colour: Purple Number: 9
Educational pursuits will also serve as well-rewarding hobbies for you. Studying will open up new horizons for you and help relieve stress as well. Children take up a lot of your time today. Colour: Aquamarine Number: 1
Today seems a good day to walk that extra mile for an older family directions. But today seems a good day to just chill and unwind with friends. Colour: White Number:  3
Your close ones are confused about the promises you are making but unable to deliver. Don’t beat about the bush just state in clear terms today what is feasible for you to deliver. This way there is less confusion and misunderstandings to avoid. Colour: Saffron Number: 3
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