Why relegate Women’s Day to a day?: Raveena Tandon

Why relegate Women’s Day to a day?: Raveena Tandon

Picture credit: Raveena Tandon

It’s great that there’s a day to appreciate women and her achievements, but why do we need to relegate it to just a day?

On a brighter note, to be a woman in the 21st century is about having the chance to choose any career she wishes to. Doctor, forensic scientist, solicitor, fitness trainer, dentist, programmer… the list goes on. There’s nothing that a woman can’t do. It’s just that women should get more opportunities.

Moreover, being a feminist doesn’t mean that we have to fight for our rights to prove that we are superior. Feminism is asking for equal job opportunities in society and that’s how women need to stand strong. If not working harder, they are working equal to what any other person does but why is the preference always been given to the male colleague?

I agree to an extent that it is exciting to be a woman in the 21st century. However, there is always room to grow and progress, and I, along with many other young women, hope to continue the true essence of feminism -- achieving gender equality.

By equality, I mean equal opportunities in every field on the basis of a person’s merit. I feel women also need to take a stand about the kind of work they do. It is equally important to get good support from the society. I believe women have always had a choice and they must try and work on their own terms and conditions in a positive way.

Another element which I think is interesting to talk about on Women's Day is the progression of women’s fashion over the decades. The 21st century woman does not feel ashamed to wear what she wants to confidently that would have horrified communities a century ago. This is a topic that I believe has become controversial to women like me.

On one side, I can understand the freedom and girls having the ability to wear whatever clothes they want without being judged. But on the other hand, looking at some pieces of clothing, new extremes have definitely been established… to say the least.

Additionally, it has led to a new set of problems in which women criticise other women whose dressing sense is scandalous, as the root of objectification of women in the 21st century.

Talking about ‘women empowerment’, I think the term is quite subjective and layered. It means differently to different people. For me, it’s how I lead my life, whether I am confident enough to make a decision for myself without thinking about the repercussions, and to have the ability to dream, aspire and achieve goals. To live your life the way you want to and on your terms – for me, that is empowerment in its true sense.

I am proud of the woman I am. I am proud of all that I have done in my career to get to where I am. I am proud of the mindset I have instilled. I was raised in a strong parenthood, to be someone who is fiercely independent, who holds great integrity, feel unstoppable with all their efforts and hold ambitious personalities.

Looking back through history, women fought for their rights, women supported and empowered one another. In today’s time, I’m glad that women across the globe are confidently walking on the path of economic freedom. Modern women have even raised the topic of equal pay for equal work, sexual harassment, social, political and cultural empowerment. Women are making strides and moving forward rapidly and evolving. Women are defining their new roles and re-inventing themselves.

There is no right or wrong time to stand up for what we believe in and make our voices known and heard. I strongly feel what a woman truly wants is to live in a world where they have the freedom to be able to choose. So let’s respect that and allow her to fly high.

As told to Anupama Ramakrishnan

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