Adjudicate wins Invitation Cup

Adjudicate wins Invitation Cup

Adjudicate, ridden by YS Srinath and trained by JE McKeown, scored an upset victory to clinch the Indian Turf Invitation Cup (Grade I) over 2400 metres, the feature event of the races in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Adjudicate, one of the only two horses to have won two consecutive Classics in the winter, clocked 2:27.20, to come first. 

Adjudicate pipped the fancied Desert God, who came second, half a length behind.

Trained by S Padmanabhan and ridden by David Allan, the experienced Desert God, a former Indian Derby winner, had previously won the race in 2016 and was even shipped abroad (two Dubai and seven England races) to compete.

Meanwhile, the in-form Star Superior, the race favourite, had to settle for the third position.

Star Superior had raised expectations after pipping Adjudicate and Sir Cecil to the top honours in the Indian Derby.   

The results:

1. Vijay Textiles Juvenile Million 1200M: Divine Glory (A Sandesh) 1; Yours Forever (PS Chouhan) 2; Eastern Crown (P Trevor) 3; Tapatio (Dashrath Singh) 4; Not run: Lightning Bolt; WB: 2-1/2, 4-1/4, 3/4L; T: 1:11.81; TB: Altaf Hussain; Fav: Divine Glory.

2. The Japan Trophy 1400M: Escobar (Kiran Naidu) 1; Withrosemakeup (TS Jodha) 2; Platinum Claasz (Afroz Khan) 3; Big Flash (AA Vikrant) 4; Not run: Gangadhar, Ultimate Risk; WB: Shd, 3/4, 1/2L; T: 1:27.87; TB: D Netto; Fav: Golden Hope.

3. Asian Racing Federation Million 1400M: Meka’s (BR Kumar) 1; Egyptian Prince (PS Chouhan) 2; Dunkirk (Afroz Khan) 3; Aeolus (YS Srinath) 4: WB: 1-3/4, 1-3/4, Hd; T: 1:25.39; TB: LD Silva; Fav: Aeolus.

4. Suresh Mahindra Multi Million Trophy (Grade II) 1400M: Mauritania (David Allan) 1; Costa Brava (P Trevor) 2; Cavallo Veloce (Akshay Kumar) 3; Master Of Universe (PS Chouhan) 4; Not run: Prevalent Force; WB: 3/4, Hd, 1L; T: 1:23.60; TB: S Padmanabhan; Fav: Costa Brava.

5. Maj PK Mehra Memorial Super Mile Cup (Grade II) 1600M: Serjeant At Arms (Akshay Kumar) 1; Rikki Tikki Tavi (Robbie Downey) 2; Cambridge (YS Srinath) 4; WB: 4-1/2, 3/4, 2L; T: 1:36.34; TB: SS Attaollahi; Fav: Serjeant At Arms.

6. Villoo C Poonawalla Million 1800M: Wave Rider (A Sandesh) 1; Mystic Flame (PS Chouhan) 2; Seven Eleven (Robbie Downey) 3; That’s My Magic (Imran Chisty) 4; WB: 3/4, 5, 2L; T: 1:51.36; TB: RH Sequeira; Fav: Seven Eleven.

7. Indian Turf Invitation Cup (Grade I) 2400M: Adjudicate (YS Srinath) 1; Desert God (David Allan) 2; Star Superior (Suraj Narredu) 3; The Invader (P Trevor) 4; WB: 1/2, 2-1/4, Hd; T: 2:27.20; TB: JE McKeown; Fav: Star Superior.

8. Deccan Bookmakers Welfare Association Million 1600M: Striking Grey (RN Darshan) 1; On My Way (Dashrath Singh) 2; Vijay’s Empire (Gaurav Singh) 3; NRI Symbol (Akshay Kumar) 4; WB: 3, 2, 1-1/3L; T: 1:38.54; TB: V Lokanath; Fav: Striking Grey.

Bengaluru dividends

I race: Rs 13w, Rs 11, Rs 19, Rs 19p; Fc: Rs 57; Q: Rs 52; Shp: Rs 42; Tri: Rs 259 and Rs 118; Thp: Rs 45; Exp: Rs 1207 and Rs 684.

II race: Rs 114w, Rs 33, Rs 53, Rs 32p; Fc: Rs 4972; Q: Rs 2008; Shp: Rs 151; Tri: Rs 20258 and Rs 17364; Thp: Rs 51.

III race: Rs 355w, Rs 57, Rs 21, Rs 111p; Fc: Rs 3319; Q: Rs 1416; Shp: Rs 56; Thp: Rs 223

IV race: Rs 30w, Rs 15 Rs 14p; Fc: Rs 69; Q: Rs 37; Shp: Rs 35; Tri: Rs 254 and Rs 132; Thp: Rs 44; Exp: Rs 1337 and Rs 948.

V race: Rs 15w, Rs 10, Rs 34, Rs 26p; Fc: Rs 148; Q: Rs 161; Shp: Rs 95; Tri: Rs 2137 and Rs 781; Thp: Rs 55; Exp: Rs 10588 and Rs 4651.

VI race: Rs 43w, Rs 17, Rs 12, Rs 30p; Fc: Rs 131; Q: Rs 41; Shp: Rs 39; Tri: Rs 838 and Rs 677 Thp: Rs 75; Exp: Rs 8709 and Rs 3235.

VII race: Rs 65w, Rs 17, Rs 16, Rs 12p; Fc: Rs 384; Q: Rs 151; Shp: Rs 35; Tri: Rs 398 and Rs 171; Thp: Rs 66; Exp: Rs 1204 and Rs 723.

VIII race: Rs 33w, Rs 17, Rs 28, Rs 107p; Fc: Rs 546; Q: Rs 242; Shp: Rs 79; Tri: Rs 63098 and Rs 27042; Thp: Rs 247; Exp: Rs 46223 and Rs 13206.

Jackpot: Rs 7753 (32). Runner-up: Rs 812 (131). I Treble: Rs 13282 (1). II Treble: Rs 2991 (5). III Treble: Rs 1035 (35).

Tnp: Rs 78098 (carried over).

Exp: Rs 340848 (carried over).