BJP MLAs may vote for govt during trust vote: Rayareddy

BJP MLAs may vote for govt during trust vote: Rayareddy

Congress leader Basavaraj Rayareddy. DH file photo

Congress leader Basavaraj Rayareddy has said that a few BJP MLAs might vote in favour of the coalition government during the trust vote.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, he said, “Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has said that he had conducted an operation to poach BJP MLAs. Anything can happen during the trust vote.

At least five BJP MLAs may support the coalition government or else our (rebel) MLAs may change their minds and vote in favour of the government.”

The former minister said that the Supreme Court order was no setback to the government. “The court has given a very balanced order. Issuing whip is a constitutional right. However, attending or staying away from the proceedings is left to the MLAs, And it is prerogative of the Speaker to accept or reject the resignation of MLAs. He (K R Ramesh Kumar) may take a decision on resignations in a day or two,” he said.

Congress leader and former chairman of Legislative Council, V R Sudarshan, felt that the Supreme Court did not take a firm stand on the whip. “In special cases, the party whips can crack the whip as mandated by the Constitution. The legislature party leaders (CLP in case of Congress) can recommend for action against those who violated whip. The Supreme Court should have taken a clear stand on this issue,” he opined.