Swami believed farmers are backbone of our society

Swami believed farmers are backbone of our society

Shivakumara Swami, who firmly believed that farmers are the backbone of our society, organises many activities to bring about social awareness among them. One such regular feature during the Mahashivarathri festival is the annual cattle fair when farmers numbering over a lakh converge at the mutt with their cattle. A massive Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition also forms a part of this 15-day fair and serves as a platform for participants to learn about advancements in the field of agriculture and share their views and experiences with experts in the field. Needless to say, all the participants are provided with free food by the mutt.

Developmental works apart, the Swamiji lays equal emphasis on cultural activities too. Cultural programmes are, in fact, seen as effective tools to bring about social transformation. Drama is one such medium the Swamiji adopts to build social awareness and drive in the eternally relevant messages of Basavanna. Every year Basava Jayanthi celebrations are held in villages when the drama troupe of the mutt travels to the interior parts of the State and stages plays themed on Basavanna’s philosophy. These plays, that run through the night, always has the Swamiji as one of its patient audiences. 

To this day, the Swamiji doesn’t wear glasses! His eyesight is still sharp enough to catch any mistake his accountant has made in the files pertaining to the administrative aspects of the mutt. His writing too is quite legible. However, the only support he takes is that of a walking stick, but still manages to walk briskly. 

Ask him about the secret of his good health and all that you get is a benign smile that gives it all - hard work, concern for fellow beings and minimal eating habits. 

In recognition of Swamiji’s relentless service to humanity, the Government of Karnataka has recommended his name for the prestigious Bharat Ratna Award. 

But, the Swamiji? Well, celebrations, awards and accolades concern him the least. He continues to toil for the upliftment of the downtrodden, living up to his ideal ‘Kayakave Kailasa’. 


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