Trains cancelled on Mysore- Ch'nagar section

Trains cancelled on Mysore- Ch'nagar section

The existing girder Road Under Bridge (RUB) No.758 on Mysore-Chamarajanagar Section will be removed and a temporary girder will be inserted as part of the ongoing re-modeling of Mysore station yard. In view of the above work, a mega block has been ordered for two days.

The trains to be cancelled partially between Mysore and Chamarajanagar are;T No 56202 Mysore-Nanjangud Passenger (Mysore departure: 5 am), T No 56201 Nanjangud-Mysore Passenger (Mysore arrival 9 am), T No 56206 Mysore-Nanjangud Passenger (Mysore departure 9:15 am),  T No 56212 Mysore-Chamarajanagar Passenger (Mysore departure 6:45 pm), T No 56211 Chamarajanagar-Mysore Passenger (Mysore arrival 10:40 pm) and T No 06215 Nanjangud-Mysore Passenger (Mysore arrival 6:20 pm.

Train No 56213/56214 Chamarajanagar-Tirupati Fast Passenger will be partially cancelled between Mysore and Chamarajanagar.

The trains which will be cancelled between Mysore and Chamarajanagar are; T No 56204 Mysore-Chamarajanagar Passenger (Mysore departure 7:20 am), T No 56203 Chamarajanagar-Mysore Passenger (Mysore arrival 1 pm), T No 56210 Mysore-Chamarajanagar Passenger (Mysore departure 12:30 pm and T No 56209 Chamarajanagar-Mysore Passenger (Mysore arrival 8:20 pm.

T No 56205 Nanjangud-Mysore Passenger (Mysore arrival 11:05 am) and T No 06216 Mysore-Nanjangud Passenger (Mysore departure 4:10 pm are completely cancelled between Mysore and Nanjangud town, said Dr Anup Dayanand Sadhu, senior
Divisional Commercial manager, South Western Railway, Mysore Division, in a press release here on Thursday.

Service to continue

As per advise from Western  Railway and South Eastern Railway, the South Western Railway will  continue to run special trains between Ahmedabad-Yesvantpur-Ahmedabad and between Howrah-Mysore-Howrah stations for clearance of extra rush of passenger traffic.

Accordingly, Train No 09405 Ahmedabad-Yesvantpur weekly holiday special will depart at Ahmedabad at 7:30 pm on on Saturdays, commencing from April 2 and arrive at Yesvantpur at 4 am on Mondays.  The last Special from Ahmedabad end is on June 25, 2011.

In the return direction, Train No.09406 Yesvantpur-Ahmedabad Weekly Holiday special will depart at Yesvantpur at 06-20 am on Mondays, commencing from April 4l, 2011 and arrive at Ahmedabad at 3 pm on Tuesdays.

The last special from Yesvantpur end is on June 27, 2011. Train No 08003 Howrah-Mysore Weekly Express Special will depart at Howrah at 4:10 pm on Fridays, commencing from March 4, 2011 and arrive at Mysore at 7-40 am on Sundays.

In the return direction, Train No.08004 Mysore-Howrah Weekly Express Special will depart at Mysore at 8:45 pm on Sundays, commencing from March 6th March, 2011 and arrive at Howrah at 4:20 pm on Tuesdays.

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