Feud continues as Jarkiholi takes potshots at DKS

Feud continues as Jarkiholi takes potshots at DKS

The feud between Municipal Administration Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi and Water Resources Minister D K Shivakumar seems to have not ended.

Jarkiholi on Tuesday took indirect potshots at his bete noire stating that true leaders do not pose for the media or walk around “with their chest inflated.”

The Jarkiholi brothers – Ramesh and Satish - have not been seeing eye to eye with Shivakumar in the Congress, with the former accusing the latter of “unnecessarily interfering” in their home district, Belagavi.

Speaking to reporters, Ramesh Jarkiholi said even a dedicated worker of the party is a leader.

Asked to comment on former minister B Sriramulu’s remark that Shivakumar will land in jail soon, Jarkiholi said that it was not right for the BJP leader to make such statements. “We may differ in our personal opinion but when it comes to unity in the Congress, I am with Shivakumar,” he said.

Jarkiholi said he will campaign for the Congress candidate fielded for the Bellary Lok Sabha bypolls – V S Ugrappa – but not with Shivakumar.

Shivakumar is the incharge of Ballari district. “It is the responsibility of the district incharge minister to ensure the victory of Ugrappa,” Jarkiholi added.