Promote mobile, desktop apps: Aussie expert to banks

Jim Hogan, associate professor from Queensland University, Australia, on Wednesday advised banks to incorporate measures that could go a long way in minimising the impact on environment. At the opening of a three-day international conference on ‘Green Banking: Perceptions and Challenges’, organised by the Department of Commerce, University College, a constituent college of Mangalore University, Hogan, who spoke on ‘Some Thoughts on Green Banking’ with a power-point-presentation told the banks to promote mobile and desktop applications.

The mammoth set up with computers will moderately increase the consumption of power as they are turned on, but it can be taken care of by developing tailor-made virtual machines with specific tasks and optimisation of power consumption, followed by profile based virtual machine and allocation of power supply, said Hogan.

Green channel counters
State Bank of Mysore DGM Giridhar S said the SBM has already introduced green-friendly services by eliminating conventional banking methods. Green channel counters have been opened in branches, where customers are asked to use debit cards for transactions. The latest is Aadhaar-enabled payment system, which is also being popularised as a product.

Calling Indians in general environment-friendly, with such thoughts deeply ingrained in people’s mindset, Giridhar said banks too are equally committed to protecting the environment. It is put into practice as and when loans are advanced. For example, while advancing loan to the corporate sector, banks ensure that the firm has incorporated measures towards management of solid waste.

Banks have been generous towards agriculture and unconventional energy sectors encouraging setting up of gobar and bio-mass plants, and vermicompost to name a few.

Time is ripe
Mangalore University Vice Chancellor Prof K Byrappa said, “The time has come for banks to keep a check on environmental unfriendly sectors, as in the case of polluting industries which default on repayment of loans, the aftereffects will be felt by the banks. Similarly, child labour is another grave concern, as children form a chunk of workers in hotel and catering industries.”
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