DH Toon | JD(S) no chameleon: HDK on 'siding with BJP'

DH Toon | JD(S) is no chameleon: H D Kumaraswamy on 'siding with BJP'

'The party has been fighting to come to power on its own for the last several decades'

Known for running with the hare and hunting with the hounds, the party’s political bankruptcy could not have been more pronounced than at the recently concluded legislature session. During the previous session in September, JD(S) had joined hands with Congress in the Legislative Council to block introduction of the Karnataka Land Reforms (Amendment) Bill which allows non-agriculturists to buy farmland. However, in the current session, it took a diametrically opposite stand and voted with the government to pass the Bill. While what promoted this sudden change of heart is debatable, protesting farmers have accused JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy of having struck a deal with the ruling BJP.

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However, opposing the criticism of his party, former Karnataka CM and party leader H D Kumaraswamy said that the media is consciously forgetting hat national political parties are using a regional party like the JD(S) as a dice to hold on to the thread of power.

"Janata Dal (S) is not a “chameleon” party that changes its political colours through opportunistic alliances without ideological basis just for the hunger of power. The party has been fighting to come to power on its own for the last several decades, and this political struggle will continue in the future, too," he said