Drain repair: People threaten to boycott polls

Drain repair: People threaten to boycott polls

Residents stage a protest on Ajjampura Road, highlighting the pathetic condition of the stormwater drain.

Shivajinagara and Khaji Mohalla residents in Birur Halepete have warned off boycotting the election if the authorities fail to fulfil the demands of supplying water and repairing the drains in the region. 

The residents staged a protest by making a roadblock on Sunday. The residents said that the rajakaluve (stormwater drain) that carries sewage is in a deplorable condition. The newly laid stormwater drains on Davangere-Birur is in poor condition. 

In the name of digging for drains, the road connecting Khaji Mohalla to Ajjampura has been closed, inconveniencing the residents. As a result, the residents are forced to walk through the sewage drain to reach the main road, said the residents. 

The sewage flows openly at Basappa Layout in Ajjampura, thus leading to health disorders in the area. The 200-metre road from Ajjampura to Mahanavami Bayalu has not been completed. There is all possibility of the drain water entering the houses due to poor work on stormwater drains, alleged the residents.