Illegally stocked wood seized

Illegally stocked wood seized

Forest department officials seized illegally stored wooden logs in Hanagallu village.

Wooden logs of different species of trees worth lakhs of rupees, collected in a house illegally, were seized by the forest department officials, in Hanagallu village near Somwarpet.

The logs of rosewood, teak and other trees were stocked in the house belonging to H V Mithun of the village.

During a raid carried out by the forest department officials, headed by Madikeri DCF Prabhakaran, wooden logs of 176 cubic feet were seized.

Even though the owner of the house, Mithun, claimed that the wooden logs were stored to be used for the work of temple construction and that he owns a permit, he failed to produce proper documents, said the officials.

A case has been registered.