Kadri is a cultural hub, says Odiyuru seer

Kadri is a cultural hub, says Odiyuru seer

Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple in Mangaluru is decked up for Brahmakalashotsava celebrations.

Kadri Kshetra, acclaimed as one among the prominent centres of Natha sects in India, is also a cultural hub, Odiyuru seer Sri Gurudevananda Swami said.

He was delivering a discourse at the inauguration of Asthottara Sahasra Brahmakalashabhisheka, Mahadanda Rudrabhisheka and Maharudra Yaga on the temple premises on Thursday.

He said the famous religious shrine of Shaiva tradition has been propagating the noble value of devotion with social concern.

Being the place of spiritual achievement, Kadri Sri Manjunatha temple holds testimony to the fact that the body is mortal but the spiritual knowledge residing within the body is immortal. The very knowledge is Lord Shiva with the blessings of whom, the mortal may become a manifestation of spirituality, he added.

Kadri Yogishwar Mutt pontiff Nirmalanath said that Parashurama, who destroyed the ‘Kshatriya’ clan, settled down for penance at the coastal region. “Kadri is identified with the presence of Lord Parashurama himself. The tradition followed by the ‘Jhundi’ of seers once in 12 years, as a prelude to the anointing of the new pontiff of Kadri Yogishwar mutt, highlights the significance of the Kshetra,” he added.

Kateel Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple hereditary managing trustee Vasudeva Asranna inaugurated the programme. SDM Education Institutions’ secretary D Harshendra Kumar and Brahmakalashotsava Committee vice president Pradeep Kumar Kalkura were present.