No electricity for last 15 days!

No electricity for last 15 days!

Children study using a kerosene lamp, at a house in Thathkola in Chikkamagaluru district.

The power supply to seven villages in the Malnad area of Chikkamagaluru is yet to be restored. The residents are struggling without electricity. 

Thathkola, Estatekundooru, Hallibailu, Hullimane, Balooru Channahadlu, Hosagadde and Adikeskodu villages have remained in darkness for the last 15 days.

The residents have been spending their night using candles and kerosene lamps. 

“We charge our mobile phones by visiting neighbouring villages. The road leading to the village has turned slushy. It is difficult to move around after the sunset. We are finding it difficult to carry out household chores in the night,” said a woman from Thathkola.

“Schoolchildren are inconvenienced due to lack of electricity,” said Girish Thathkola. 

The recent rain coupled with landslides had uprooted several electricity poles and disrupted power supply. Over 1,800 poles have been damaged in the Malnad area. The work on installing new poles and repair is in progress. 

“Without electricity, we cannot use pumpset to lift water. As a result, we are forced to draw water from the well,” said Sathish from Hosagadde. 

Speaking to DH, Mescom Executive Engineer Shivakumar said, “Over 50 poles have been washed away in Thathkola. The new poles are being installed. Over 900 new electricity poles have been installed already in Chikkamagaluru and Malnad area. The work on restoring electricity supply is in progress.” 

“There is no connectivity to Alekhan Horatti, Madhugundi, Malleshanagudde and Chennahadlu villages. Once the connectivity is restored, the Mescom will take up repair work,” he said.