People panic over rise in elephant menace

People panic over rise in elephant menace

Villagers of Thondur in Seventh Hoskote on Sunday were panic-struck as three wild elephants were wandering in the region.

The villagers said that the elephants have been feeding on coffee and plantain in the plantations during the night and in the morning they return to the forest.

While returning back to the forest, the pachyderms moved closer to the residential layouts, they said.

People burst firecrackers to scare away the elephants. However, the elephants walked in the middle of the road and made their way into the forest.

As the elephant menace in Seventh Hoskote limits is rising for the past few days, the labourers and vehicle users are afraid to travel in the region.

Villagers of Thondur have urged the forest department to take steps to ensure that the elephants do not sneak into villages.