People paste stickers in support of social movement

People paste stickers in support of social movement

A sticker supporting the campaign for an emergency hospital in Kodagu pasted on a vehicle in Mahadevpet.

In support of the social media campaign ‘We need emergency hospital in Kodagu’, people pasted stickers on their vehicles in Mahadevpet on Tuesday.

During a campaign carried out by the members of Team Coorg, in association with Social Democratic Auto Union, the stickers were distributed to the vehicle riders free of cost.

The riders pasted the stickers on their vehicles, supporting the demand to provide a speciality hospital for Kodagu. The stickers are published by Team Coorg.

Team Coorg Founder President M N Nasir said that the campaign has gathered good response from the people.

Social Democratic Auto Union President Suleiman said that there is a need for a multi-speciality hospital in Kodagu to save lives.

Surpassing all barriers, people should support the movement urging the government to sanction the hospital, he added.

The members of Team Coorg requested the general public avail the stickers and paste them on their vehicles.

Team Coorg members Shamir, Khalil Pasha, Faizal, auto union members Rafique, Jagadish and Akram were present.