‘Save water for future generations’

‘Save water for future generations’

Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Sindhu Roopesh has called upon people to conserve water while raising concern over depletion of water table.

Speaking after inaugurating the World Water Day programme organised by Zilla Panchayat and district administration, she said that water scarcity had reached an alarming stage. Water should be utilised judiciously. Despite having rivers, rivulets and heavy rainfall, Udupi district suffered from acute water crisis during peak summer. Water is supplied through tankers in villages.

Emphasising on the importance of rainwater harvesting (RWH), the CEO said conserving water would mitigate water crisis and also help in improving the groundwater table.

She urged various department officials to introduce the rainwater harvesting techniques in the buildings coming under their jurisdictions like schools, hospitals among others. She also said that each department should earmark some amount of funds from their allocations to take up water conservation. The water should be saved for the future generations, she said.

She administered an oath for water conservation on the occasion.