Oil waste discharges appear on Mangaluru beaches

Oil waste discharges appear on Mangaluru beaches

(Photo by Yathish Baikampadi)

Waste oil discharges, resembling tar balls, have been seen on the beaches on Mangaluru since April 22. 

It is suspected that this could be because of oil leakage or discharge from ships arriving at New Mangaluru Port Trust. Pananbur Beach Tourism Development Project Director Yathish Baikampadi has written to the Deputy Commissioner requesting an investigation into the matter.

Although the phenomenon happens during pre-monsoon season and peak summer every year, the content of waste oil is maximum this year, it is said.

The fishermen who observed it alerted the Indian Coast Guard about it. The fishermen community has urged the authorities to act with concern as the pollution would be detrimental to the fish population. Tar balls, washed ashore, are found along the coast. 

Pollution Control Board officials have confirmed that the pollution is not because of industrial affluents.